To People Who Fart In Public

So one evening I was walking home after a long day at college. As I saw a bunch of guys (and gals) coming from the other end, I tried to look as uninterested as possible  because I am always very self-conscious about people making fun of me due to my “too vulnerable” appearance. Little was I aware of that those guys were from the close neighbourbood and that at least they would spare me. But, as I just passed by them, one of them gave out a loud fart! Anybody could tell the fart was “deliberate” and the chuckling that followed was pure shrewd!

      Now I know what that means. It is a way of saying “I don’t give a **** about whoever you are” (in this case to me) like a slap on your face – or your nose and that, is, just, DIS-RES-PECT-FUL!! Have you guys ever heard of ‘public hygiene’ or ‘ manners’?? Your farts arent pleasant to anyone nor are they funny! We dont want the smell of you, the sound of you and that attitude of yours. 

      Public farters are rather common. Most of them are usually grown ups – those cheerful uncles & even aunties – who always believe that they are just attending to the “nature’s call”. They obviously do not have any prank intentions but its just better that they try controlling themselves till they are in a ‘safe zone’ or between fellows who wont mind. That’s because there are people who really find it gross and some even get offended. The sizzling chicken thigh you had in your lunch does not come out the same (Foofaaafooo!!!!! Uggh). And to those people who genuinely have gastric issues, well what can I really say?
     But, to those punks that I really have problem with – the type who think its a comic bravery- I wonder if you guys can pull it off before your secret crush! You are just making a dirt balloon out of yourselves and I just really wanna say that next time, PLEEEAASSSE DONT DOOOO THAAAAT!!!!!!  ——————————

[Criticism is open.
Nobody is perfect.]


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