Shortie’s Shortlist of Shortcomings


Beauty is in the scanning eyes of the beholder- hence it is subjective. But the vertical length of a person stands as it is. There is no mask of makeup or biasness of beholder when it comes to somebody’s height . A tall person is always tall, and a shorty is always short (yes its still visible even if you wear heels!). And no matter how much the society ‘pretends’ to be kind towards us shorties, the unfortunate importance of good height is always irrefutable.                      Here is a list of common setbacks that all the short statured ones (esp girls) can relate to:

1. Carrying that lifelong wish of being taller.

     Since the first time we measured ourselves with our friends during primary school, we’ve been saying “I will be taller when I’m older”. But with time that ‘will’ has turned into a ‘wish’ that will never ….you know what I mean. 

2. Getting jealous of your friends and everyone around thats taller than you. 

     Why only me, right?! Everyone else just seemed to grow so easily doing nothing! Lucky fellows.

3. You want to knock down people who say “You are tall enough” simply. 

     Sheer lie or ultra kindness- you really want neither!

4. (Some girls) You can’t wear heels coz you don’t want to look too desperate.

        The last thing you want is to make people think you’re trying too hard to elevate. Moreover, those giant heels look more colossal than you.

5. You are not confident in fashionable clothes. 

     With fashion world echoing ‘tall, skinny, tall, skinny’ you just have to make yourselves comfortable in regular jeans and t shirts. But there are also many shorties who are brave enough to try as well- cant say how they look, coz they literally disappear under those overpowering clothes! 

6. You dont want to measure yourselves anymore.

    All shorts are alike, eh?

7. People consider you less matured and strong than you actually are. 

    ‘Little’, ‘small’, ‘cute’ are not only your physical first impressions but also how most people tend to judge your whole package until you show them your real powerful self!

8. You have to put that extra effort in everything.

      Short people have to show or express harder than everybody else or they are just not going to be ‘convincing’ enough. They have to be either extremely pretty or intelligent or rich to be ‘in-the-league’Its not that tall people get all things easy but they’re just more noticeable. Their first impression is usually more matured, better looking , superior, effortless and on top of it ,if they’re really good at anything- bonus!  (But once you get to know them, it depends)

9. People act bossy around you.

          Like they dont give a damn! Well nobody is afraid of someone who’s face is below theirs- unless that person is a judo champion or has connections with the ‘big guys’.

10. You never give up looking up for ways to grow taller no matter how old you are.
     Just a few inches, thats what you’re asking for , right? And all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not pull Stumpty Dumpty longer again. 

But you still never give up hah! (Until you’re old enough to give up!)

Bonus: You feel like you’re sinking deeper and deeper into the ground whenever you walk or stand! 

       By the power of Reed (of Fantastic 4) if you could simply stretch! Sigh.


[Criticism is open. Nobody’s perfect.]



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