19 Types of Female Faces in Arunachal

Want to know which one you share yours with? Here is a list of common female face types seen everywhere in Arunachal Pradesh  (locals exclusively ) with general stereotypes  (I’ve tried bringing out the good in each one). From plain average to chinkies and ‘Koreans’ and so much more, don’t worry if you can’t fit in just one face because most of us are a blend of two or more types. 

1. The Average Face 


      Very common. Such face shapes can range from oval to mild oblong. The features are not very extreme nor too bland. This type of faces can either turn very pretty or boring depending on the rest of their body, maintenance and style. 

2. The Chinky Face (no offence at all)


       Chinky faces are fiercely cute! They have a subtle hint of arrogance in their faces that suggests ‘BEWARE’ without having to speak. Their face is somewhat broad with short nose, often sporting red lips and of course – the slanting eyes! If there’s anyone who can pull off the cat-eye liner with utmost elegance, well, it’s them!

3. The Plumpkin Face


      This face is usually seen on girls who are on the heavier side. The face is broad and chubby and rather plain with no standout features. However, these are the type of girls who look very genuine and to a great extent are really genuine! They are the ones who will never keep you waiting while getting dressed up, will speak from their hearts, make you laugh and be your punchbag. Above all, they’ll always have some good food to share! 

4. The Round Sweetheart 


       A variation of the Plumpkin, these are more ’round’ than fat- like the moon! They have very sweet features and look very friendly with a healthy and glowing charm.

5. The Baby Face 


        These girls literally look like babies in the cutest way! Remember that nursery rhyme, “Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin..”, well they surely are the definition!  These girls will look adorable no matter what you put over their head!

6. The Plump Snub


        These too are Plump beauties who can be distinguished by their snubby noses which are somewhat short and wide but upturned at the end (piggy in a cute way ). Their lips are full especially the upper lip and they look like the chubby version of Betty and Veronica. 

7. The Cute Mole Face 


        Not all mole girls are CMF! These are those girls who are already very pretty and are given that extra bonus of cuteness by a beauty mark at the right spot. They look darn good with them.

8. The Cocktail Face 

        Dark or fair, they can be either. The nontraditional features of these girls  (eg:narrow /high nose,  deep eyes, long lashes,dusky skin etc) are so exotic that no wonder people keep on asking them about having mixed origins or not!

9. The Dry Face 


       These people look like they either love the sun too much or are experts in harvesting crops. Their skintone  can range from dark to medium along with slight freckles. They have faces which shout “TOUGH” but once you get to know them they can be the most hilarious person you’ve ever come across!

10. The Pocahontas Face


      These faces include the sunny skin tone and toughness of the Dry Face along with an added slant in the eyes and pouty lips. They resemble the characters of the Disney movie ‘POCAHONTAS’ and can look either dull or sexy depending on the rest of their personality coz they sure do have the bone structures to die for!

11. The Gretchen Face 


        Taking the name from Disney’s ‘RECESS’ character Gretchen Grundler,  these girls do look like her ditto! Large glasses, neat ponytail, a dotted face (and even braces)holding and towering pile of books are the ones who you run after the night before exam. They are simple, sincere,humble,intellectual  and secretly talented in things you never thought they’d be!

12. The Vietnamese Face 


         A heart or diamond shaped face with medium to fair skin,  decent nose and slightly tilted eyes…this one reminds me of CHOU TZUYU of TWICE and SEOHYUN of SNSD. Very charming with a quiet and shady vibe. 

13. The Korean Face 


         Not necessarily like the  ‘plastic Ulzzangs’ but these girls look more like they have come out of a K-Drama or a K-Pop MV. They have subtle features with envious dewy skin and smooth hair. With added makeup and dressing skills, they can make anyone go dreamy!

14. The Philippino Face 


       This is a rare type and most of them are migrated. Their skin is dusky with small roundish face, small blunt nose and sometimes show slight prognathism. 

15. The Big Moma Face


      Square, broad, short and tanned. They love to talk and they are loud. They are very sweet and they are very sour. They are stylish. And they don’t care about whatever you think of them!

16. The Elder Sister Face


         Matured and responsible looking.  These are the kind of faces that might not be a commercial beauty type but you just know that they can take good care of themselves and people around them. And this very enigmatic quality of theirs make them simply beautiful from inside and eventually outside. 

17. The Sincere Face 


      Some people look so decent and sincere that you can never imagine them guilty of anything.  These people have healthy skin(any tone) which suggest that they had been taken proper care of by their guardians.  They are the ‘gentlemen and gentleladies’ in stiff pressed collars and their cons are often forseen due to their innocent appearance! 

18. The Ultra Feminine Face 

        With big eyes, long lashes , perfect upturned nose, rosy lips and oval face they look super-girly! These type of girls are often seen with naturally wavy/curly hair . They also might have (very cute ) rodent like front teeth at times.

19. The Hybrid Face 


     They have extremely light skin, light coloured iris and naturally brown or dark blonde hair. Some people might find them quite unconventional but they stand out from the crowd and are very attractive -sometimes too attractive! 

Hope this was helpful and not depreciating in anyway. This article has been written with pure casual and light hearted intention and does by no means state or declare any educational or theoretical purpose. 

Know more faces? Feel free to share them.


 [Criticism is open. Nobody’s perfect.]


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